Baby Boomers- A Young Customer Segment

These days people resist getting old. It doesn’t mean they don’t realize they are getting older, and wiser.  They just won’t accept the mindset that previous generations held about themselves at age 50, 60 and on. With all the advancements in technology, beauty, nutrition, fitness, and longevity, middle-agers have no intention of dropping out of life. In fact, they’re starting new businesses, beginning new relationships, and becoming digital savvy. We cannot ignore that the Baby Boomers, between the ages of 52 and 70, control about 70 percent of all disposable income.

Mid-Life Upswing, Not Crisis

Baby Boomers abound on social media becoming micro and macro influencers, using their developed talents, experience, and wisdom to carve a name for themselves and offer something valuable to younger generations, as well as their peers. Can reaching out to this age group create a dramatic increase in sales for your business, from younger individuals, too? Definitely! Newer generations find advice and knowledge from these older mentors that seem to excel in building trust with their followers. Connecting with these influencers could be an advantageous asset for spreading the word out about your company to all ages.

This older population is also a large consumer base that shouldn’t be ignored. Whether it’s beauty and fashion products, digital technology, or just about anything else out there, they are just as interested in the products businesses have to offer as the younger X, G, and Y generations.  In fact, they have more money to spend on all of it.

It makes sense to take into account this target audience.  Their ambition and enthusiasm for love and life, in many cases, run equal to their younger counterparts. They’re done raising the kids. They’ve been educating themselves, immersing themselves in today’s world, and they feel they have a new lease on life. Marketers can tap into these emotions when advertising and up their business revenue in the process.

Baby Boomers are all into a healthy and young appearance

With the motivation and desire to look younger and healthier, baby boomers are willing to invest their time and money on  healthy and organic food, beauty products and procedures, recreational packages, health and energy supplements. If your business is involved with this dynamic and growing market, it is critical to constantly monitor the lifestyles and behaviors of this age group towards their well-being.

Baby Boomers looking for life-changing Educations

Mostly Baby Boomers are looking into changing their career dramatically or learning a new skills or art which is totally different from what their taste or personality were defined by. Targeting Baby Boomers for academic degrees and courses, learning new languages, mastering an art or a technical subject should be prioritized and invested in.

Boomers Love Video For The Same Reason As Millennials.

Video crosses age groups as a favorite type of content because it goes beyond these demographic factors and reaches what it means to be human. Within video are ways to express emotions that all age groups can understand. This is because the videos show other people doing things that viewers can relate to or that provide a shared enjoyment.

Baby Boomers like to be rewarded

Developing a strong loyalty program which rewards the Baby Boomers gracefully and properly and also provides you with the right data to personalize communications and promotions towards the real needs of them, are critical to retaining this customer segment.

 Baby Boomers and  Emotional Response

Most purchases of a service or product come from an emotional impulse more than anything else. So what you put forward should arouse feelings in the potential customer.  Get into their shoes, and imagine how they feel. If you’re trying to sell your latest fashion design, consider the nervousness of someone entering the dating scene again. Also imagine someone who wants to completely changes his/her lifestyle (appearance, furniture, car and even career).

To effectively market to Baby Boomers, you need to understand the the tremendous changes in their life philosophy and of course, purchasing behavior. Study the time period in which baby boomers grew up, talk to people in that age group and look at generalizations about the generation as a whole.