A Quality Brief for Creating a Quality Content

Producing engaging and creative content is a vital part of any luxury brand’s marketing strategy. Content helps to build the authority of your luxury brand, and creates demand for your product or service. However, the majority of luxury marketers are not responsible for writing content. Instead, they spend time developing a vision, which is transformed into content by a content creator.

The requirements and vision for the piece of content are communicated to the copywriter via a content brief. A poorly written brief will most likely result in an unfocused piece of content which doesn’t engage the audience.

A quality brief will ensure that the creator of the content understands which topics you wish to cover, the style and tone you are aiming for, and the purpose of the content. The brief should also include technical details, such as the format you would like the content to take (slideshow, blog, presentation, industry report) and any restrictions on other brands or products which you do not wish to mention.

However, you may find that even when you supply the information listed above, you still receive content which doesn’t capture the spark or vision that you had in mind. By adding some additional information to your brief, you can ensure that the creator of the content feels the same passion and excitement about the topic as you do.

It’s often important to let the content creator see the products, meet you personally, hear your voice and tone, and even attend your launch events. They need to be exposed to the look and feel of the product, the event and the story. Creating content for a luxury brand cannot be mechanical and process oriented. It’s an art, not a science.

It is likely that a content creator will be working on content for multiple clients. Therefore, it is important to make your brief stand out. If you are creating content for an exclusive launch event for your luxury product or service, you should make sure the brief captures your enthusiasm for the product, while also communicating your ambition for the content.

You should also include a brief description or sketch of the ideal reader of the content. This sketch could be something as simple as, “We want women with wealth and taste, but with very little time to stop and read our blogs about new trends in luxury fashion.”

If the content creator is going to be creating a series of blogs and other content for you, the brief should demonstrate how these different pieces of content are linked. As well as detailing the specifics of each piece of content, you should also ensure that the brief tells the overall story of the marketing campaign, where it is coming from, and where you hope to take your audience.

If you have located other content which you admire, or examples which demonstrate what you wish to avoid, you should make a note of these in the brief. Doing so will help the creator to shape your content, so it perfectly reflects your luxury brand and your message.

Finally, be sure to include a single sentence which encapsulates the key message you wish the audience to take away. This message can be implicit or explicit within the content. The important thing is that it is there; content without a message is ineffective.

Great content starts with an excellent brief. By ensuring that your content creators understand your brand, your audience and your vision, you can be sure that you are publishing content which increases the visibility of your luxury brand, develops a relationship with your customers and positions your company as a thought leader within your industry.


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