Name, Logo and Brand Identity Book

We can help you to chose the most relevant name for your business, present it through most creative logo and communicate and protect it  through a comprehensive brand identity book.  Your brand identity book is one of the most valuable fixed assets of your business, and it must be carefully crafted to ensure it properly represents your business, and resonateswith your intended customer base.

This  essential tool allows you to work with and unite your internal teams around a common vision, to present the brand to the different external agents (communication, web, merchandising, commercial branding, packaging…) who will be working on it. The brand identity book allows you to have a brand image and a brand discourse that are rich and consistent.

This tool includes:

  • A study of the environment (market, competitors …)
  • The brand DNA
  • The values
  • The brand concept
  • A portrait of the aspirational consumer
  • The promise
  • The positioning
  •  Inputs on the marketing mix (product, price, communication, distribution / merchandising)


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